How long is an appointment?

For first time visitors allow 30min for your appointment. This is to allow enough time for a full history, assessment and examination plus treatment. Follow up visits you should allow 15min  for analysis, treatment and home exercises & advice.

What is the expected wait time for an appointment?

At Beyond Chiropractic we guarantee a chiropractor is available to see you on tte same day and within your allotted appointment time. We have after hours appointments available on request.

Do you accept/Can I use my Private Health Care?

Yes, we have HICAPS on site at our clinic. which means you can swipe your card and claim instantly and only pay the gap for the consultation.

What issues do people go in to see a chiropractor for?

People with a  wide range of conditions come to seek advice from a Chiropractor, including but not limited to neck , mid back and lower back pain, disc related issues, headaches, joint pain, strains/sprains, work related injuries, whiplash and many more.

Do I need X-rays to see a Chiropractor?

No, Chiropractors are trained to assess and diagnose conditions without X-rays. Your Chiropractor will determine at the initial consultation if you need a referral for an X-ray however there is no need to get X-rays before seeing a chiropractor, but if you have recent X-rays its always a good idea to bring them along to your  first visit.


If you have any questions that we didn't answer above, feel free to message us below.